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If only performance matters, then clothing will look boring and unrefined. In addition to functionality, mobility, toughness and comfort, sportswear demands an attractive design that makes you want to wear it. In fact, the appeal of the clothing and the equipment is sometimes why people choose to pursue an activity. Metropolice emphasizes both performance and aesthetics. Smart and stylish . that's our approach to Sawanobori!

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With Metropolice’s Sawanobori Line, you have all the basic equipment you need to outfit yourself from top to bottom. Moreover, we offer a variety of color choices, so you’re free to select the colors that best suit your personality. All of this equipment is essential to a safe and satisfying Sawanobori experience, so make sure you gear up before hitting the mountain!


Most Sawanobori attire favors dark colors. However, Metropolice's wearables come in light, cheerful colors, accounting for the fact that everyone has his/her own taste. Enjoy color coordinating your rash guard and shorts, and determine the style that fits you best!

Pink rash guard + red shorts: though at first glance it may appear too flashy, this is actually a fashionable Sawanobori color scheme that looks good on men and women alike. Perfect in spring and early summer, beneath warm sunshine.

Black rash guard + blue shorts: Here's a classic look that works for everyone. This is the reverse of the color scheme on the previous page. We recommend both approaches!

Olive rash guard + khaki shorts: olive has become very hip on the fashion scene. Plus, these earthy colors are perfect for the outdoors and appropriate for all ages.

Orange rash guard + khaki shorts: orange is an ideal color for outdoor wear; it's an emergency color, meaning it's easily recognized at a distance. Khaki-colored shorts are a nice compliment.