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About us and Intoduction

Meet the world's finest Sawanobori wear! "Sawanobori" is Japanese for "Shower Climbing" . an activity that has taken Japan, and the world, by storm! The development of Metropolice's Sawanobori product line has been a labor of love. Here's the story:

What makes Sawanobori different from regular climbing? Water. Lots of water. Sawanobori means scaling waterfalls and swimming in ice-cold, rushing rivers. How is Sawanobori similar to regular climbing? It's a strenuous, pulse-pounding workout with an element of danger. Over the last two decades, the outdoor sports market has grown exponentially. Climbing gear is arguably the category that's grown the most; these days, climbers can choose from a vast array of wearables with different materials and features. Yet for all its popularity, the climbing gear market lacked apparel that was tough enough to withstand Sawanobori's myriad challenges. So when our Sawanobori customers began demanding high-performance attire, we parlayed our own Sawanobori experience into developing gear we knew they'd love. What began as a personal hobby for us soon turned into 2+ years of non-stop, muscle-taxing R&D as we devoted ourselves to field-testing our line of superior Sawanobori wearables. After much trial and error, our efforts were rewarded in the form of our fantastic Sawanobori product line, which is comprised of items that stress breathability, heat retention, durability, protection, and superior mobility. Metropolice hasn't just raised the bar for Sawanobori wearables . we've created it!