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Sawanobori attire requires extreme toughness. After two years of repeated field-testing based on input and advice from top climbers, as well as our own experience in developing technologically advanced wearables (especially MIL-SPEC products), we saw a need for developing a material that exceeds the Outdoor market's existing standards. The end-result is the world's most durable Sawanobori attire!

"Metropolice" creates protective gear for government personnel and consumers. We have a unique background in developing lightweight, robust, water-resistant protective gear. In 2014, after two years of exhaustive testing and expert input, Metropolice releases its new Sawanobori product line, which is characterized by its superlative protection and durability. Our new wearables include such key product developments as "SuperFabricR", a super-strong material that's used in U.S. military combat wear, and "UltraShield", a durable, multi-purpose material that's perfect for Sawanobori. We have no doubt that our new line will provide exceptional comfort and protection to Sawanobori enthusiasts as they tackle everything from rocky inclines to majestic waterfalls!
The Ideal sports material is water repellent, waterproof and moisturepermeable.
The main material found in Metropolice's Sawanobori wearables is UltraShield, a moisture-permeable waterproof knitwear with trilaminar structure. The bottom layer, which touchs the skin, uses warm thermal fleece. The middle layer employs a stretchable, moisture-permeable waterproof polyurethane membrane, and the surface layer uses a water-repellent nylon-spun knit with high abrasion resistance. UltraShield has very good stretchability, meaning it does its job while not restricting any of the body's movements. This prevents body heat loss in the water, and keeps the wearer cool on land thanks to great moisture-permeability. UltraShield is the ideal material for amphibious wear!
Water repellency

The better the material quality, the more the water beads up and rolls off.

Water repellency means the functional repelling of water, which is different from water resistance (the prevention of water entry). Water repellency is very important for Sawanobori wear . for example, it repels splashing water coming down from a waterfall, causing the water to bead up as shown in the imageabove.

Water repellency test using a spray nozzle

This test was performed by setting the testing sample (about 20cm x 20cm) in place without ruck on the spray tester and spraying 250ml of water for 25 - 30 seconds via the spray nozzle. This test is an officially recognized method that is compliant with JIS standards. Water repellency is determined by how wet the sample is after spraying. We're happy to say that UltraShield earned the highestpossible rating.

In the water repellency test, five points equals a perfect score. By achieving five points, UltraShield proved its quality.

Test results from KAKEN TEST CENTER.
※Water repellency deteriorates over time through use and washing.
Waterproof property

Your wearable's waterproof performance is the key to swimming comfortably

Waterproofing and water repellency are not the same. Waterproofing means the function which prevents water from penetrating. In Sawanobori, you will often swim in the water when moving from rock to rock. In fact, one of the best things about Sawanobori is is swimming or floating in the water during summer. As such, superior waterproofing is essential to any Sawanobori attire. Cold water, like that found in a mountain stream, not only slows activity and movement, but also causes loss of body heat. Metropolice's wearables use a moisture-permeable waterproof membrane that offers moisuture-permeability, which encourages sweat release, and waterproofing, which prevents water from entering.
※Waterproofing treatment is not applied to the seam.

The property which releases sweat without letting water in

Moisture-permeability is very important for sportswear. If sweat is not released during an activity, a person may experience discomfort and their body might become unnaturally cool. Also, adults sweat an average of 50g /hour during "quiet time"; a number which increases to 1,000g/hour during heavy exercise. If the sportswear is soaked with sweat, it gets heavy. For these reasons, sweat release is critical. At the same time, Sawanobori wear must be waterproof too. Therefore, it should prevent water penetration from the outside without preventing sweat evaporation from the inside. UltraShield, with its trilaminar structure, possesses both functionalities, and is the perfect material for Sawanobori attire.
Super Fabric SuperFabric is a battle-tested material that resists tearing, even after repeated friction.
Metropolice's Sawanobori wear incorporates SuperFabric in key areas. For example, attaching SuperFabric around the shoulders, elbows and knees, which are often in contact with rocks, adds significant protection. SuperFabric is a special material with exceptional abrasion strength and superior slash resistance. It's received the top performance rating in EN ISO 13997 testing (ISO standards: performance of protective gear against sharp edges) and EN388 (European standards: requirements for protective gloves) for slash resistance, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. It's also lightweight and very flexible. Even when you rub against sharp rocks, SuperFabric protects your body!
DETAILThe surface is covered with a unique pattern

The SuperFabric's surface is covered with a guard plate pattern that is raised above the surface, allowing for small gaps in-between. Highly resistant to stains and has superior breathability.

When it comes to developing MIL-SPEC items, Metropolice is a proven company with an outstanding track record.

SuperFabric offers superior durability.

Abrasion and cut resistance
SuperFabric provides unparalleled abrasion resistance and cut resistance.

Stain resistance
SuperFabric is highly resistant to stains from dust, dirt, scum and mud.

Air passes easily between the small gaps in the guard plate pattern, providing breathability and fast drying.

In the testing facility, SuperFabric's results were outstanding.

We tested SuperFabric at two companies: I TS Testing Service (UK) Limited, which offers testing and certification services in the UK, and KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation, a testing firm in Japan.
TEST1Rub SuperFabric with rocks many times repeatedly.

To test SuperFabric's abrasion performance, we rubbed it with rocks. Even after repeated rough rubbings, the surface did not scuff, wear or tear.

TEST2It even grates wasabi!

As a fun experiment, we used SuperFabric to grate wasabi. We wound up with finely-grated wasabi in no time -- despite the fact that that SuperFabric is very soft to the touch. It's the best of both worlds!

TEST3Abrasion test

To compare durability, we tested SuperFabric, UltraShield and a competitor's water repellent fabric using the JIS L1096 A1 method (waterproof abrasive paper P400C-CW, load 4.45N).

Result: SuperFabric can bear more than 100,000 repeated abrasion tests, which exceeds the competitor's water repellent fabric by amost 1,141 times . thus confirming SuperFabric' s amazing credentials. Moreover, UltraShield showed almost 10 times the abrasion resistance of the competitor's water repellent fabric.

TEST4Cut resistance test
ISO13997 testing is regarded as the global standard for the cut resistance testing of protective gear. SuperFabric's quality was put through its paces, along with UltraShield and a competitor' s water repellent fabric.

A TDM-100 ISO13997 measuring machine was used. Each fabric sample was cut five times. Afterwards, the average "cutthrough load" needed to achieve a cut-through distance of 20mm (0.8") was calculated.

Tested by ITS SERVICE (UK) LIMITED, a UK-based testing facility.
Result: SuperFabric is 6x more cut-resistant than the competitor's water repellent fabric.