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Sawanobori requires unique gear that's specifically designed for climbing cliffs and waterfalls and swimming in rivers. For a safe, comfortable and fun Sawanobori experience, we recommend the gear introduced here. Sound preparation is Sawanobori rule #1!

When outfitting yourself, it's best to buy gear that's specifically designed for Sawanobori. Gear with good water-shedding ability is ideal, since much of Sawanobori involves water. Since your body will frequently make contact with rocks, Sawanobori attire is specially-treated with a unique reinforcement finish. Sawanobori shoes incorporate felt and a special rubber sole that makes navigating slippery spots a lot easier. Also, you should strongly consider using additional protective gear like knee pads, since you'll often times be kneeling on rocks.

Gloves: Protect your hands while climbing and traversing. The palm part of our Sawanobori gloves is treated with a special finish that prevents rope slippage.
Harness: The most important element for a Sawanobori expedition, the harness is a safety belt that connects you to a rope. Since you're entrusting your safety (and in some cases, your life) to the harness, it's essential that you find one that fits perfectly. For beginners, we recommend a "sitting harness" because it's easy to get in and out of.
Sawanobori shorts: Made from a superior waterproof material, these shorts are worn over tights. Shorts with reinforced hip pads are recommended because you'll often slide down wet rocks into cool streams .just like a water slide!
Helmet: Another very important item, the helmet protects your head from falling rocks, slips/falls and scrapes/scratches during a climb. Wearing a helmet is mandatory, so tighten up your chin strap and make sure your helmet is secure!
ATC (Belay device): This appartus prevents falls. It's used to control a climbing rope, and is an essential ingredient for a safe descent.
Carabiner: An essential item for scaling vertical surfaces. Attach it to your belaying rope for a much safer climbing experience.